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6 Tips to Renting a Luxury Limo for Long Island Vineyards

Limousine ride is a luxury that’s both cherished and affordable. Everyone must experience a limousine ride to Long Island Vineyards once in their lifetime.

Weddings are one of the biggest occasions for the services from limousine owners. So are graduation and proms, which usually occur in May and June.  So early summer is always the peak season; which means right now it is off season that can sometimes lead to massive discounts! If you ever decided to sneak away for a luxury weekend in Long Island Vineyards, then now is the time to spend on limousine rides and here are some tips to facilitate your decision-
Long Island Vineyards - Gold Star Services, Long Island NY

(1) Travel on Weekdays to Long Island Vineyards

Weekends are always the busiest period for limousine drivers. Barring an event or a concert that occurs in midweek, most people including tourists travel in limousines on weekends. As a result, weekdays are usually a low key affair for all the limousine drivers. Most Limousine Rentals offer deep discounts for rides on weekdays. If you are looking to save some money while traveling in the lap of luxury then planning your trips on weekdays to Long Island Vineyards will be your best bet in case of limousine rides.

(2) Travel in Groups – Whether you are Touring the Long Island Vineyards or Planning a Night out with your Friends

Most limo services charge by the car, not by the person while offering 6 passenger or 10 passenger cars. Traveling in groups and renting the 6 passenger limo is often the most economical option for you as you will get the most out of your money by filling it up. You might also score some deals if you suggest you don’t mind riding in older limos if it means saving money as long as it’s in a good condition.

(3) Best Holiday Gift – A Pink Limousine Ride

Running out of ideas when it comes to holiday gifts for your family? Renting out a Pink Limousine for your family’s day out could be the best bet for you. Although, a limousine ride maybe costly for a family of five it would still cost you cheaper than gifting each family member an individual gift. Booking a limousine for your family’s weekend in Long Island, instead of a wedding or a prom will make your gift the one to remember for days to come. You could take your family out on a Long Island wine tour in limo wine tours which are fairly popular amongst the locals these days. Most appreciative riders are the ones who are surprised by the arrival of a limo on their doorstep or are made aware of the luxury trip just hours or minutes before the ride.
pink limousine - long island vineyards

(4) The Base Price is not same as the Final Price

While buying an airplane ticket, you aren’t charged for aviation fuel. But when rent a limo, you pay for the gas. That’s why, when you call to reserve your limo, you’ll be asked, “What’s your final destination or Where exactly do you want to go?” The limousine service provider will estimate the miles and roll the fuel fee into its final price quote.

Also, expect to fork out cash for any parking or road tolls. Then there is the gratuity for the driver, which in most cases is included in your price quote. However, it’s best to always ask, “Does that price include everything?” As quite a few limo services, charge tax and gratuity for the driver as an extra rather than adding it to the price quote.  Be sure to ask questions until you are certain how much you are being charged for the entire ride. Respectable services or sole owners are always very upfront about their fees.

(5) Look for Signs of Trouble

Omens that you need to watch out for while picking a limousine service:
-“The law requires all limousine rental companies to arrange for proper private hire insurance.” What that means is that your ride should always be insured. Also, your Chauffeur is required to have a Chauffeur’s license. Make sure to inquire about proof for both of these.

– Avoid limousine services that require more than a 50 percent deposit before the ride has even begun. Generally, a limo service provides charges anywhere between 20 to 50 percent to confirm the booking.

– If the limo comes with champagne, always ask whether it is charged in the final quote or separately. And be sure to inquire about bringing your own alcohol if it’s allowed or is a big no.

– Why should you pay for leftovers of someone else’s good time? Do not be afraid to ask the service provider to check the car before making a deposit. Reputable limo service provider will always be glad for you to check out its fleet before you ride. Check for whether the car smells and looks good in the backseat.

  (6) Negotiate more for your Money

If you shop around for limos services, then you will find that most limo companies charge roughly the same hourly rate. The big difference is your choice of vehicle and the extras!

Before you call a dozen limo service providers its best to email them all and find out what they offer. While most of them offer similar base rates, the perks and options are what make the difference. For instance, do you want an H2 Hummer, Rolls Royce or a Pink Limousine? Will your quote be coupled with a discount?  Can you obtain crackers or disposable cameras? Are you being offered a complimentary bottle of wine?

To save the most amount of money it’s always best to insist the limo service for least amount of extras while stocking the limo with your own alcohol.

If you are in the market for an affordable yet memorable experience, then renting a limousine could be your best bet. In NY Long Island, for a base price of $125 per hour, you could secure a limousine ride for yourself and your family/friends with us. So when the time is right, make it happen and experience a night of ecstasy in the lap of luxury while riding a Limousine from Gold Star Services.