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The Boardy Barn: Bus, Fest & Transportation

If you are in Long Island and haven’t yet heard about The Boardy Barn, you are missing out on a lot. Take the Boardy Barn bus now before it’s too late for you to experience the “Happy Days in Hampton Bays.” The Boardy Barn fest that runs on Sundays during the summer is said to be the happiest place on the earth. But that ain’t all. The Barn also been reported to sell more beer on any given afternoon than YANKEE STADIUM. You heard right. The home of the NY Yankees. They sell more beer than the world’s most popular baseball stadium. That means an approximate 100,000 cups of brew in one day. On holidays (Memorial Day Monday, Labor Day Monday), they’re open for a whopping eight hours and the cover runs $30. $20 on a normal Sunday. Once inside, cups of Bud or Bud Light run $2 a pop. There’s liquor, too, but Barn regulars know better unless they want to end the evening glued to the porcelain throne. Here, you stick with beer. Boardy Barn - Party Bus For anybody visiting for the first time, there are some rules that are essential for you to know.  
  1. Boardy Barn Bus to the venue

You may not be drunk when you go to Boardy Barn but it always a bad idea to drive there. You will not be in a state to drive back and you never know what all can happen to your car with hundreds of drunk people around. Take the Boardy Barn bus from Long Island. Non-alcoholic drinks are allowed and you can enjoy your ride.  
  1. Orange = no-go.

Bouncers wear bright orange t-shirts, so avoid that color. Else, you can wear whatever you want. Shorts, sailor outfits, giant foam cowboy hats a la Peter Griffin.  
  1. No beer hurling.

Try not to toss/pour/shower beer on people except if you need to spend the evening alone in the parking garage. You will get kicked out by the bouncers.  
  1. Stickers are a great gift.

The bartenders are keepers of the stickers, but it’s a bit of a faux pas to ask for them directly. If you tip well and you’re not a complete nuisance, however, they will provide them. And you will be very grateful.  
  1. Ziplocs are your companion.

Carry your belongings in a Ziploc bag. Try not to bring your valuables. You can carry an ID proof and some cash in a Ziploc. Keep your phone at home if you are able to because everything will get wet. EVERYTHING. In the drunken state that you will be at the barn, you will not be able to take care of yourself, let alone your belongings.  
  1. Hold up till you’re 21.

Nobody underage gets in here. Nobody. Try not to try attempting.  
  1. Take the Boardy Barn bus back

As important as it is to take the bus to the barn, there is all the more reason to take the bus back. If you do not want to worry about missing the train, you can book the Boardy Barn Bus which will bring you back to Long Island safely. The Boardy Barn is the “happiest place on earth”  so drink as much as you want and leave the worries of bringing you back safely to us.